Process Measurements with Portable Instruments

Enabling you to take the most accurate measurements with Pitot Tubes, Anemometers, TC/RTD, Gas Analyzers etc.

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Process Engineers, CCR-Operation Team, Process Managers

What will you get from this training

This course is highly specific and will impart the skill of using correctly portable process measurement instruments. You will be able to take correctly gas/air flow measurements using Anemometer, and Pitot tube. You will be able to use correctly a thermocouple/RTD probe to take temperature measurements in ducts and chutes. The use of a radiation pyrometer will be discussed thoroughly. You will learn the proper procedure to take gas samples with a portable gas analyzer.

You will become proficient in analyzing and addressing combustion process performance issues. Analyzing combustion efficiency and improving stoichiometry of combustion to ensure oxygen levels at kiln inlet and other furnace exits to ensure control of excess and false air in the system.

You will learn the ways to do false air analysis of your pyro section, grinding section, etc to ensure the optimum operation of your plant.

Course Highlights

6 - Video Lessons

5 -  Minor assessments to check Progress

1 -  Major assessment to ensure skill development

Take-home best measurement tips handout

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Happy Learners From CIN e-Learning Platform

A senior Chemical Engineer and Managing Director of two companies dealing with AF,  aiming to go 100% on alternative fuels in his cement kiln projects took the training and said that "The course has refreshed his skills of doing process audit of pyro process".

Neville Roberts

Chemical Engineer from KSA. "I have taken 2 courses so far and found the lessons very easy to understand, ready to work on in plant and achieved a deep knowledge of pyro process"


Chemical Engineer from Egypt. "I have taken 3 courses so far and found the lessons very comprehensive to answer all of my questions about the subject" On his suggestions we have added more use cases to solve day-to-day issues of cement plants.

Mohamed Kasim

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Temperature Measurement.
  • Thermocouple and RTD for temperature measurements.
  • Portable Radiation scanner (gun) for temperature measurements.
  • Assessment 1: Temperature measurements.
Pressure and Gas/Air flow Measurement.
  • Pitot tube for velocity, flow and pressure measurements.
  • Anemometer for velocity and flow measurements.
  • Pressure probe for static pressure measurements
  • Assessment 2: Pressure and Gas/Air flow Measurement.
Gas Analysis with Gas Analyzer
  • Portable gas analyzer for flue gas composition analysis.
  • Assessment 3: Gas Analysis with Gas Analyzer
Major Assignment
  • Assignment : Process Measurement
  • Measure T, P, Flow and Gas Composition and use online Calculator for Calculations
  • Measure Surface temperature of kiln, preheater with Pyrometer and calculate Heat Loses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The qualification for taking this training course is that you have a basic knowledge of pyro processing.
  • You may be a CCR operator preparing in advance for future challenges.
  • You may be a Process engineer, with a core responsibility for process analysis and optimization.
  • You may be a production supervisor, or production manager, responsible for having a 360-degree awareness, and visualization of the actual process.
  • You may be an organization intending to develop your own team capable of working for plant operation optimization.
  • Or, you may be someone working as a cement plant operation and optimization consultant.

Upon registration/Enrollment, the entire course will be made available for viewing. Please watch the video lessons, learn the concepts and practice excercises/activities well. During course time you can watch the videos as many times as you like, use the online calculators to practice excrcies and assignments. Training is delevered through recorded and hosted multimedia means like videos, PDF Documents, Online Calculators etc.. In case if you need a special one to one coaching on any special topic, this can be arranged on chargeable basis @ USD50/hour coaching sessions.

You will get full support during training time, You can ask any question during study in comment section, you can generate a ticket, you can write direct email to instructor and you can even contact on phone/WhatsApp of course instructor, all required contacts will be emailed to you on course registration.

6-months from the date of enrollment in this training course

  • You can enroll into this training at any time you want.
  • This course is open at all times, During your training time you will get full support to answer your questions and clearify your doubts.

We have created our courses with much thought & care so that you get a simplified and comprehensive tactical content to excelld! If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, please raise a refund request within 48 hours of enrolling and get 100% of your money back as long as:
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  • Not attempted the program assessments.
  • Haven't downloaded any handouts of the training.

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