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15-Day Live Workshop on Kiln Performance Analysis- [Next batch starting from 15-Jan.2024]

Step by Step Procedure for taking Process Measurements using

Pitot tubes, Anemometer, TC, RTD, Radiation Gun, Gas Analyzer.

Fundamentals of Combustion of Solid Fuel [Coal], Oil, and Gas

Basic mole concept of combustion, Comb. Equations, Comb. Calculations

Mass and Heat Balance; Basic to Advanced Concepts

Establish Preliminary and Detailed Mass and Heat Balance of your Kiln

Applications of Established Mass and Heat Balance.

How can we use concepts learned for pyro section optimization?

Featured Online Courses

Pyro Section Process-Energy Audit [Kiln & Cooler]

Learn to unlock the potential of your pyro section through process optimization

                                                     USD 297                   

Process Measurement and Calculation Bible for Kiln Experts

Position yourself as a Kiln Process Expert by Learning Core-Concepts for kiln Optimization

                                                          USD 197  

Process Measurements with Portable Instruments

Enabling you to use process instruments like Pitot tube, Anemometer, TC/RTD etc.

                                           USD 37  

Combustion and Combustion Calculations

Understand everything about the selection of fuels and the process of burning

                                                           USD 47         

Get Mastery in Mass and Heat Balance of Pyro Section

Enabling you to do professional level Mass and Heat Balance of Pyro Section

                                                    USD 67

Raw Mix Design and Quality Calculations

Enabling you to do professional level Mass and Heat Balance of Pyro Section

                                              USD 67