Cement Plant Optimization: Subscription Level 1 

We will be adding from time to time various e-books, data sheets, and Excel templates for Process Analysis and Optimization of the Cement Plant

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Lifetime Free subscription for Cement Industry Professionals

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Consultants, Process Engineers, CCR-Operation Team, Process Managers

What will you get from this training

Level 1 Basic Subscription will remain open for all logged-in members of Cementindusneed. It will be a free subscription hosting required introductory training, Published articles, Basic process calculations, Process-Energy-Quality optimization Tips, Product and equipment catalogues, etc.

Members of level 1 will get the opportunity to write their original knowledge/Articles/Blogs which will be published here as their contribution to building this free treasure for cement industry professionals. Moreover, members can post questions in the comments and share their experiences. 

Course Highlights

Various Downloadable e-books will be added from time to time. 

Multiple Excel Sheets will be added from time to time. 

Free Self Assessments will be added on different subjects soon

Lifetime FREE Subscription

A professional community of the cement industry

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e-Books for Downloading
  • 10-Step Road Map to Establish Mass and Heat Balance of Pyro Section
  • Kiln-Cooler- M&H Balance Sheet-Take Print Out and Do Manually
  • Cooler- M&H Balance Sheet-Take Print Out and Do Manually
Cement Manufacturing Process - Overview
  • Raw Material preparation
  • Pyro-Processing
  • Cement Grinding
Self-Assessment Tests [Coming Soon]
  • Untitled Chapter

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Step by Step Procedure for taking Process Measurements using

Pitot tubes, Anemometer, TC, RTD, Radiation Gun, Gas Analyzer.

Fundamentals of Combustion of Solid Fuel [Coal], Oil, and Gas

Basic mole concept of combustion, Comb. Equations, Comb. Calculations

Mass and Heat Balance; Basic to Advanced Concepts

Establish Preliminary and Detailed Mass and Heat Balance of your Kiln

Applications of Established Mass and Heat Balance.

How can we use concepts learned for pyro section optimization?

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