15-Day Live Online Workshop on Kiln Performance Analysis

Live workshop starting from 01 June 2023, Live Zoom Session will be taken at 21:00 IST

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Training Mode

15 - Online Live Coaching Sessions on Zoom + Online course log-in for recorded lessons, downloads etc...

Access Validity

3- weeks of live training + 6 months of access to online lessons,  calculators, and templates

Best Suited For

Consultants, Process Engineers, CCR-Operation Team, Process Managers

What will you get from this live Workshop?

This being a live workshop, I am sure that what you will learn here will be a certain practical knowledge and step by step to do activities for doing process analysis of your pyro process. You are having a great opportunity to ask any question in the training session about the subject and understand the process completely. You have a private 1 to 1 live session [2-3 hours] so that you can ask all those questions that you may not be comfortable asking in a group Zoom session.

Here is a summarized mention of the things you will take away from this workshop.

You will learn the procedures and standard practices to take process measurements with portable instruments like Anemometer, pitot tube, TC/RTD, radiation pyrometer, and a portable gas analyzer.

You will learn all concepts from the basics regarding the combustion process, starting with the mole concept and calorific value of fuel,  you will learn how much air is required for combustion in a kiln and calciner, and how much combustion products/gases we produce in the combustion process and what is the exact composition of that flue gas. You learn everything about combustion equations and a lot more. You will not only learn but practice many use cases of your plant and calculate all that you will learn using online calculators.

You will learn and you will be capable, by the end of this workshop to do mass and heat balance of any section of your plant, yes we will give you a step-by-step pathway for writing mass and heat balance of pyro section, kiln, and cooler. More than 50- example use cases of evaluating mass and heat quantities to establish mass and heat balance are included in training lessons.

And at the end, we will take up the application part of doing mass and heat balance, and you will calculate all KPIs [Process KPIs, Quality KPIs, Productivity KPIs, and Reliability KPIs to mention a few.] from the process measurements we will be taken or provide to you as sample measurements and from the mass and heat balance sheet, which we will be developing in this workshop.

We recommend you to skim through the course curriculum below to see in detail which topics are covered in this training course.

Course Highlights

15  Live ZOOM sessions of 2 hours each 

35  Plus addon videos  as summarized lessons 

20 plus Practical use cases solved using Online calculators

5 Minor assessments conducted in live sessions 

1 Major assessment to ensure skill development

Online support on any questions about the subject

WhatsApp support during the training period 

Downloadable Process Log Sheet, Material Sampling Plans, etc

Online Mass & Heat Balance, Combustion Calculations Templates

              Downloadable Data bank for reference.

6-month additional free access to the data bank, Formula bank, and online templates, video lessons etc...

Certificate of completion.

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Happy Learners From CIN e-Learning Platform

A senior Chemical Engineer and Managing Director of two companies dealing with AF,  aiming to go 100% on alternative fuels in his cement kiln projects took the training and said that "The course has refreshed his skills of doing process audit of pyro process".

Neville Roberts

Chemical Engineer from KSA. "I have taken 2 courses so far and found the lessons very easy to understand, ready to work on in plant and achieved a deep knowledge of pyro process"


Chemical Engineer from Egypt. "I have taken 3 courses so far and found the lessons very comprehensive to answer all of my questions about the subject" On his suggestions we have added more use cases to solve day-to-day issues of cement plants.

Mohamed Kasim

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Day 1: Process Measurement Procedure with Portable Instruments
  • Thermocouple and RTD for temperature measurements.
  • Portable Radiation scanner (gun) for temperature measurements.
  • Pitot tube for velocity, flow and pressure measurements.
  • Anemometer for velocity and flow measurements.
  • Pressure probe for static pressure measurements
  • Portable gas analyser for flue gas composition analysis.
  • Day 1. Live Zoom Session
Day 2: Fuel Properties
  • Coal properties
  • Oil and gas properties
Day 2: Combustion Equations
  • Definitions, Mole Concept, and Assumptions involved in calculation.
  • Combustion-equations of Carbon, Hydrogen, Sulphur
  • Day 2. Live Zoom Session
Day 3: Combustion Calculations for Process Analysis
  • Calorific Value Calculation
  • Minimum Stochiometric Air Calculation
  • Minimum Combustion Gas Calculation
  • Day 3. Live Zoom Session
Day 4 &5: Detailed Mass Balance Calculations
  • 10 Step Formula to do Mass and Heat Balance of Pyro Section
  • Kiln Feed to Clinker Ratio
  • Kiln Feed to Clinker Ratio: Solved Use-Cases
  • Gas Density Calculation
  • Gas Density Calculation: Solved Use-Cases
  • Day 4. Live Zoom Session
  • Flow measurement [pitot tube and Anemometer]
  • Flow measurement [pitot tube and Anemometer]: Solved Use-Cases
  • Day 5. Live Zoom Session
Day 6, 7 & 8: Detailed Heat Balance Calculations
  • Sensible Heat Calculations
  • Sensible Heat Calculations: Solved Use-Cases
  • Calorific heat calculations
  • Calorific heat calculations: Solved Use-Cases
  • Day 6. Live Zoom Session
  • Heat of formation calculations
  • Heat of formation calculations: Solved Use-Cases
  • Heat of evaporation Calculations
  • Heat of evaporation Calculations: Solved Use-Cases
  • Non-Carbonatic Heat Calculations
  • Non-Carbonatic Heat Calculations: Solved Use-Cases
  • Day 7. Live Zoom Session
  • Radiation and Convection Heat Calculations
  • Radiation and Convection Heat Calculations: Solved Use-Cases
  • Day 8. Live Zoom Session
Day 9 & 10: Preliminary Mass and Heat Balance Calculations
  • Identification of Material Streams
  • Calculations with fuel analysis
  • Calculations with fuel analysis: Solved Use-Cases
  • Day 9. Live Zoom Session
  • Calculations without fuel analysis
  • Calculations without fuel analysis: Solved Use-Cases
  • Day 10. Live Zoom Session
Day 11: Detailed Mass and Heat Balance Project
  • Process Measurements for Detailed Mass and Heat Balance
  • Process Log-Sheet for Detailed Mass and Heat Balance Project
  • Material Sampling Schedule Sheet for Mass and Heat Balance
  • Day 11. Live Zoom Session
Day 12: Preliminary Mass and Heat Balance Project
  • Data Recording Required for Preliminary M&H Balance
  • Process Log-Sheet for Preliminary Mass and Heat Balance Project
  • Material Sampling Schedule Sheet for Preliminary Mass and Heat Balance
  • Day 12. Live Zoom Session
Day 13: Process KPI Calculations
  • Energy Performance Calculation
  • Kiln and Cooler Calculations.
  • Cooler Efficiency Calculations
  • Kiln Firing Calculation
  • False Air Calculation.
  • Fan Calculations.
  • Day 13. Live Zoom Session
Day 14: Quality KPI Calculations
  • Quality KPIs of Clinker and Control Levers of Quality
  • Burnability KPIs as Control Levers
  • Assessment and Audit of Volatile Phenomena in Kiln
  • Supplementary Quality Calculations
Day 14: Productivity-Reliability-Environment KPIs of Pyro Section
  • Productivity KPI
  • Reliability KPI
  • Environment KPI
  • Day 14. Live Zoom Session
Day 15: Training Evaluation and Takeaway Discussion
  • Grand Assessment
  • Day 15. Live Zoom Session

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The qualification for taking this training course is that you have a basic knowledge of pyro processing.
  • You may be a CCR operator preparing in advance for future challenges.
  • You may be a Process engineer, with a core responsibility for process analysis and optimization.
  • You may be a production supervisor, or production manager, responsible for having a 360-degree awareness, and visualization of the actual process.
  • You may be an organization intending to develop your own team capable of working for plant operation optimization.
  • Or, you may be someone working as a cement plant operation and optimization consultant.

This is an online live workshop and the learning will be two way, you will be attending live sessions on each subject as well as you will be facilitated with summarized recorded video lectures on each topic you learn in online session. There will be 15- live zoom sessions of 2 hours each. On starting date of workshop, the entire course contents will be made available for viewing. Additionally the recorded sessions will also be hosted on for replay.In addition to Live zoom class, video lessons and solved examples, you will be facilitated with online calculators to use for practice exercises and assignments. In addition to 15- live group sessions, you secure one 2-hours online 1 to 1 session with course instructor to discuss personal specific questions about the subject.

Since it is an online live workshop, you can directly ask the instructor in zoom session. Moreover, You can ask any question during study in comment section, you can generate a ticket, you can write direct email to instructor and you can even contact on phone/WhatsApp of course instructor, all required contacts will be emailed to you on course registration.

Since it is an online live workshop you will be attending online classes for 15 days in three weeks from the start of workshop, however you will get additionally 6-months of access to course materials, online calculators and live class recordings.

  • You can enroll any time for the next batch of online workshop.
  • The date for starting the next bach will be available above in this page.

We highly recommed you to attend all online sessions, still incase if you miss any session You will be able to watch the replay on the next day.

YES, if you have any additional questions regarding this training course please submit a ticket here Customer Support Services